Scales of Justice


Steven is skilled in and enjoys providing expert witness testimony. He broadens his skill set by attending a wide variety of continuing education courses, particularly those relating to legal issues. These include training in condemnation appraising, valuation of partial interests, New Hampshire land use law, and how to be an effective expert witness.

A rapidly growing area of Steven's practice has been in providing consulting services in matters where a diminution in value is alleged.


These have included:


● Visual encumbrances (i.e. television transmission towers, cellular antennae, etc.)

● Environmental contamination

● Proximity of homes to nonresidential uses or nuisances

● Proximity of single family homes to multifamily dwellings

● Damage to landscaping


If you are hoping to simply "get an appraisal," we are the wrong company for your needs. We are the right company if you require the most reliable valuation information possible. We are the right company if you need an expert who can defend his opinion if called upon to do so. We are the right company if you demand knowledge, experience and integrity.

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