A qualified, well-educated appraiser is able to apply their appraisal knowledge to the needs of developers, investors, attorneys and others needing more than simply an appraisal.

Examples include:

● Absorption Studies

● Arbitration

● Calculation of Building Areas

● Counseling and Consulting

● Cost / Benefit Studies

● Eminent Domain and Condemnation Advice

Expert Witness Testimony 

● Feasibility Studies

● Investment Analysis

● Land Utilization Studies


Litigation Preparation and Trial Support

● Lease Audit

● Market Analysis

● Marketability Analysis

● Market Rent and Trend Studies

● Operating Expense Analysis

● Real Estate Management Advice

Review of Appraisals Performed by Others

● Tax Assessment Review and Advice

● Zoning Testimony


Many market participants do not even know that they can benefit from engaging an appraiser to utilize their skills in matters other than valuation. Please call to discuss with Steven if you can benefit from these services.


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